Tracking multiple UPS shipments with a single bookmark

10:09 am in Uncategorized by smalldeath

I spent quite a while trying to figure out how to do this, and after finally figuring it out I thought I would share.  I had a couple things that I wanted to know when they would arrive, but I had to add each of them the “track shipments” box every time I wanted to see where they were at.  So I searched around Google and the UPS page for a way to have multiple tracking numbers in a single URL without much luck.

Making a single URL is pretty simple, its just (where, obviously, xx is the tracking number).  This only allows for a single tracking number, so it didn’t really help much.

I finally found out how to do multiples after putting a tracking number directly into Google.  If you didn’t already know, you can put your tracking number in, and Google will return a direct link to the UPS track page.  Useful stuff, but most of all it was interesting for the URL it links to:

You can simply add more to “tracknums_displayed” and put each tracking number in “InquiryNumberX” to have multiples on a single bookmark.  For example:

Hope someone else finds it useful!